Dear friends!

I am pleased to welcome you to the "Far East Street" of the Eastern Economic Forum!

Magadan region contains more than 460 thousand square kilometers of beautiful nature, mighty mountains, taiga forests and rapid mountain rivers.

We invite you to visit our pavilion, where we present the region's peculiarities in investment, trade, tourism and culture.

We will show and tell you about the development and prospects of Kolyma's main industries. Amazing travel destinations, presentations of bold construction and improvement projects, and artifacts of historical heritage await you.

So start exploring the cultural and natural attractions – Jack London Lake, Cape Nyklya, an ambitious tourist project on Zavyalov Island, the revival of the famous Kolyma health resort Talaya.

Find exclusive jewelry from native gold, touch the ancient art of bone carving peoples of the North.

We brought our famous “Prospector's Fortune” to Vladivostok. Our guests will have a unique experience and feel like real miners washing gold with a pan and pick. Also at tutorial workshops with experts, everyone will take part in the heritage of the peoples of the North and will make themselves amulets and souvenirs from bone, fur, and beads.

Magadan Region is a part of the Far East, which has ambitious plans for development, declared by the federal authorities and supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin. We are focused on creating a favorable investment climate, and the system of preferences creates conditions for doing good business.

Kolyma region is open for co-operation. Come visit us and see for yourself!

General information





Largest cities


Rivers, lakes

Kolyma, Sugoi, Omolon, Ola, Detrin, Chistoe Lake, Parenskoe Lake, Jack London Lake


Sharply continental, severe with cold winds. Summer is warm and even hot, but the average annual temperature in the region is sub-zero


462,5 thousand square kilometers


141,234 thousand people

Transport communication

Air (planes, helicopters), bus, automobile

Time zone



Mining industry (silver, gold, tungsten, copper, tin, coal), fishing industry

About the pavilion

The concept of the architecture of the pavilion of the Magadan Region includes geometric figure – a triangle, which had an important significance for the indigenous peoples of the region from ancient times. It symbolizes the unity of the body, soul, and spirit, and is used as a national ornament.

The golden plating of the pavilion's façade refers to the fundamental foundation of the regional economy – natural reserves. The elevation of the pavilion above the level of the podium creates a floating effect. The combination of gold material in the main decoration makes the object sparkle, and the wood adds warmth and comfort. A relationship is created between natural principles and minerals and metals, which are rich in the Magadan region.

A gem of the pavilion, the Nagaev Bay layout forms the basis for enhancing the Magadan sea façade. The work is largely financed by federal funds under the Social Development Plan for Economic Growth Centers in the Magadan Region.

 The fascinating installation of the sea façade is housed in translucent glass boxes filled with sand and gravel. You can view the layout projection using the rotary controllers, and the layout can be supplemented with dynamic drawings and infographics.

 Visitors to the pavilion will get to see video presentations related to the Magadan Region development and individual sectors of the region's economy. Everyone will have the chance to test their luck in the interactive Fishing game and get acquainted with the unique inhabitants of the Okhotsk Sea. Holding the rod, you can even feel the tension of the line and jolts when biting. Everything feels like a real-life fishing!

The pavilion will traditionally host an exhibition and sale of products with native gold. Representatives of the indigenous peoples will tell you about folk industries, recipients of the Far Eastern hectare, about the story of success, and how small and medium businesses will demonstrate their products.

The most active guests of the pavilion will be able to take part in work shops for gold flushing and get prizes in the "Prospector's Fortune" competition.

Under the guidance of professional craftsmen from the Magadan region, you can participate in the unique heritage of the peoples of the North and make by yourself traditional products from bone, fur, and beads.

The Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Peoples of the North "Ener" will present a large variety of traditional song and dance performances of the Far North peoples living in the Magadan region.

In the pavilion cafe you can buy drinks and Kolyma delicacies.

10 facts about Magadan Region

Kolyma is ranked at the top in Russia

in the mining of native gold and silver.

Festival "Prospector's Fortune" is

the only gold panning competition in the country.

Festival of winter fishing "Cool Kolyma" is called to stand

in one row with "Prospector's Fortune".

Kolyma supplies the entirety of Russia

with crabs and red caviar.

Russian statesman Igor Shuvalov was also

born in Magadan region.

The leader of the musical group DDT Yuri Shevchuk was born

in the village Yagodnaya of the Magadan region.

The Magadansky Nature Reserve plays an important role

in the international system of nature protection.

Nagaev Bay in Magadan is sung by Vladimir Vysotsky

in the song “I went to Magadan”.

For the Magadan region, reindeer husbandry

is a traditional branch of agriculture.

Magadan inspires. Vysotsky, Shufutinsky, Vetlitskaya, Krug and Vasya Oblomov

wrote songs about the city.