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The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is a modern and dynamically developing region that preserves its unique way of life and pristine nature. Even despite the region’s impressive pace of industrial and infrastructural development, its inhabitants do not forget about their roots, drawing strength from culture and traditions.

We are open to cooperate on the development of the Far East and are ready to tell you about the promising projects, such as the construction of a bridge across the Lena River, the creation of a modern river fleet for inland waterways (JSC «Zhatai Shipyard»), as well as the unique travel brands and the production of the first IT Park in the Far East.

This year, the exposition of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is called “Made in Yakutia”, which will present exclusive jewelry and the best examples of folk art crafts made of mammoth ivory, environmentally friendly products from wild harvest and the most northerly tea.

We are doing our best to make Yakutia attractive to our business partners.

See you at Yakutia’s pavilion!

General information





Largest cities

Neryungri, Aldan, Lensk, Mirny

Rivers, lakes

Lena, Vilyui, Indigirka, Kolyma, Aldan, Labynkyr Lake, Bustah


Sharply continental, with a long winter and a short summer. The temperature difference in winter and summer can reach 100 degrees Celsius


3.08 million square km


966.9 thousand people

Transport communication

Air, road, rail

Time zone

MSK+6, MSK+7, MSK+8


Mining industry (diamonds, gold, oil, coal, gas), fuel and energy complex, agriculture, transport and communications

About the pavilion

Take part in the prize drawing and win a real Yakut diamond. Also, purchase amazing jewelry from the leading companies of Yakutia, which are represented in the pavilion.

We offer you to get acquainted with the best examples of folk art crafts made from mammoth ivory, which is the exclusive brand of Yakutia.

Yakutia is the largest and coldest region of Russia. This is where the area of the lowest recorded temperature where people reside located. We are waiting for curious tourists who want to conquer the endless expanses of the North, to get acquainted with the unique tourist routes.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition of residents of the first IT park in the Far East and make sure that, despite the geographical position, you can create an innovative world-class product in Yakutia.

Try traditional dishes of exotic Yakut cuisine, northern tea and refreshing drinks made of wild harvest.

10 facts about The Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Yakutia is the largest

administrative-territorial unit in the world.

Yakutia is only region in Russian Federation

reaching three time zones.

About 40% of Yakutia territory lies

beyond the Arctic Circle.

Representatives of 129 nationalities

live in Yakutia.

Despite the harsh climate,

more than 250 species of birds live in Yakutia.

There are about 700,000 rivers

and 800,000 lakes in Yakutia.

Yakutsk is the largest city in the world

located in the permafrost zone.

Yakutia ranks first in Russia

in terms of cinema halls occupancy.

One of the most popular Yakut souvenirs is various crafts

made from mammoth tusks.

About 40% of Yakutia territory lies

beyond the Arctic Circle.