The Eastern Economic Forum is one of the largest business platforms not only in Russia but also in the entire Asia-Pacific region. Attracting businesses from almost all over the country, as well as representatives of the foreign business community, the Forum contributes directly to development of the regions of the Far East, opens up new business prospects and growth points, and reveals the richest economic, natural and cultural potential of the macro-region. 

The business agenda of the Forum and its creative spirit are extremely relevant for the Tourism.RF Corporation as a specialized institute for development of the tourism industry within the national “Tourism and the Hospitality industry” project.

Our first pool of projects for implementation included hotels and resort complexes in the Republics of Buryatia and Sakha (Yakutia), Kamchatka and Primorsky Territory, as well as in the Magadan Region, number of rooms totalling 2,000 by 2030. And this is just the beginning. We see the huge potential of the Far Eastern Federal District regions to attract tourists. 

In addition to support from the state, provided by the Tourism.RF Corporation, the Far East also offers exceptional benefits for investors, especially considering the opportunities provided in the priority development territories.

I invite you to visit our pavilion, where you will see that the Tourism.RF Corporation is a platform of innovative solutions for quick and effective launch of tourism projects that are interesting for the traveller and profitable for business.


See you soon at the Forum!

Sergey Sukhanov


The Tourism.RF Corporation is an institute for developing the tourism industry, the mission of the Corporation being to create a modern and affordable tourist infrastructure.

For the first time, the Tourism.RF Corporation pavilion, with an area of 300 sq.m., will be presented on the ‘Far East Street’. It has been built using construction technologies from prefabricated structures and is part of a typical 3* hotel complex in the form of a single-storey building with a lobby, hall, hotel rooms and offices, as well as a terrace with a sea view.

The inner space of the pavilion with a high two-light part houses places for presenting the Tourism.RF Corporation opportunities and projects. It is also equipped with meeting rooms and two of “de luxe” and “standard” hotel rooms serving as a prototype for the Corporation’s projects.

The Corporation cooperates with leading Russian producers of prefabricated structures that, in comparison with traditional technologies, shorten construction times several times over without loss of quality.

The first implementation pool includes projects with about 20,000 rooms in 27 regions. Next comes the following pool of projects with almost 9,000 rooms. The Corporation implements both separate hotels and comprehensive tourism projects.

Special attention will be focused on master-planning – one of the tools for integrated development of large tourist areas in the Corporation’s assets.

So far, the Corporation has developed three master plans for development of tourist areas:

  • Park “Tri Vulkana” (Three Volcanoes Park) is being created on the “Kamchatka” priority development area to unite the key attractions of the peninsula and provide a wide range of recreation opportunities: balneological, ski, cruise and ecotourism.

  • All-union mountain resort “Lagonaki” (Republic of Adygea) will be focused on active family holidays. In the winter season, the resort will appeal to fans of downhill skiing on gentle wide slopes.

  • Year-round mountain and balneological resort “Dolina Vasta”(Vasta Valley) (Krasnodar Region) will be a continuation of the development of the popular Roza Khutor resort in the Sochi mountain cluster.

In 2022–2023, master plans for tourist areas will be developed:

  • Valla-Tunturi (Murmansk Region)

  • Abrau-Durso (Krasnodar Territory)

  • Konduki (Tula Region)

  • Olkhon (Irkutsk Region)

  • Irkutsk-Taltsy (Irkutsk Region)

  • Baikalsk-Vydrino (Irkutsk Region and Republic of Buryatia)

  • Tunkinskaya Dolina (Tunkinsk Valley) – (Irkutsk Region and Republic of Buryatia)

  • Gorny Vozdukh (Mountain Air) – (Sakhalin Region)

  • Laguna Busse (Busse lagoon) – (Sakhalin Region)

  • Iturup (Sakhalin Region)

  • Belokurikha Gornaya (Altai Territory)

  • Laishevo (Republic of Tatarstan)

  • Gorskaya (St. Petersburg)

  • Sheregesh (Kemerov Region)

  • Yaroslavskaya Riviera (Yaroslavl Region)

  • Zhemchuzhina Altaya (Pearl of Altai)

  • Novaya Anapa (New Anapa) – (Krasnodar Territory)

The Corporation invests in individual projects since implementation of the first 53 projects will increase the number of rooms available by more than 21 thousand and the number of trips will increase by more than 10 million.

We invite Forum guests to visit the Tourism.RF Corporation pavilion in order to take part in an extensive business and interesting interactive programmes focused on relevant topics of the development of Russian tourism.