Dear Friends,

I am glad to present the Russian Federation Ministry of Sports pavilions “Sport – a vital norm” and “Arena GTO” at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum. The pavilions focus on a broad range of visitors by providing not only information stands but also sports platforms.

At the “Sport – a vital norm” pavilion, Forum visitors can acquaint themselves with the Ministry’s main projects, participate in many sessions, learn more about development of higher achievement and mass sports. There will also be a unique exhibition by the State Sports Museum dedicated to the most important milestones in the 100-year history of our country’s sports.

The “Arena GTO” pavilion will host the First Open International Cup of the Far East “GTO Games 2022” during which teams from Russia and other countries will compete. In addition, anyone at the pavilion will be able to meet the GTO complex standards and find out their physical training level.

Last year, Russia’s Ministry of Sports presented, for the first time, the “Sport – a vital norm” pavilion at the EEF. It hosted a unique Vladivostok–Tokyo teleconference involving the Russian team during the XVI Paralympic Summer Games. Pavilion visitors could associate with our athletes and support them during the competition. In total, in 2021, about 70 all-Russia sports federations were represented at the Russian Ministry of Sports pavilion, 12 business sessions were held, and more than 15,000 people from five countries visited the pavilion.

Oleg Matytsin

Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation

About pavilion

In 2022, at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation is to present, for the first time, two pavilions: “Sport – a vital norm” and “Arena GTO”. Pavilion visitors can spend an interesting time and benefit from the business sessions and interactive sports.

The pavilion “Sport – a vital norm” will provide a platform for productive discussions on developing physical education and sports. Speakers and participants will discuss topical sport-related issues, from the highest achievement in sports and international collaboration to new formats for sports events and prospects for developing mass sports. Here, the Russian Sports Museum will present a new interactive exhibition of the most important milestones in the 100-year history of Russian sport.

The “Arena GTO” pavilion will be a sports activity centre. It will host the First Open International Cup of the Far East “Games GTO 2022”, which will be attended by teams of 11 Far Eastern Federal District regions, as well as the best professional athletes from all over Russia and the CIS. 

In the arena, everyone will have a chance to fulfil the standards of the “Ready for work and defense” (GTO) complex in an energizing atmosphere and find out their physical training standard.

In 2021, as part of the Eastern Economic Forum, Russia’s Ministry of Sports presented the pavilion “Sport – a vital norm”. 68 all-Russia sports federations were presented and 12 business sessions held at the pavilion. Over 15,000 people from five countries visited the pavilion during the Forum, and over 1,000 people met the GTO standards.