Dear participants and guests of the 6th Eastern Economic Forum,

It is a great honor to welcome you on behalf of the residents of the Jewish Autonomous Region!

The Eastern Economic Forum is one of the main business events not only for the Far East, but for the whole country. It is a productive international platform that gives the regions an opportunity to demonstrate their investment potential and to conclude cooperation agreements with companies in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

The Jewish Autonomous Region is located at the crossing of several transportation routes. It is rich in mineral resources and has a great potential in ecological and ethnocultural tourism. Favorable conditions for investors and comfortable business development have been created in the region. Full support is granted to obtain a status of a resident of the Territory of Advanced Development.

Investment attractiveness is a priority in the work of the authorities. We are open to cooperation for the development of the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Far East in general and we work to make the region attractive to our business partners.

I invite all the participants of the Eastern Economic Forum to visit the hospitable land of the Jewish Autonomous Region!

General information




The City of Birobidzhan

Largest cities

Birobidzhan, Obluchie

Rivers, lakes

Amur, Tunguska, Umri, Bolshaya Bira, Bidzhan.


According to its climatic conditions the region is one of the most favorable regions in the Far East. Winters have low snowfall and are cold, summers are warm and humid.


36.3 thousand km2


156.5 thousand people

Transport communication

Railway, automobile

Time zone



Development of mineral resources, forestry and wood processing, agriculture, tourism.

About the pavilion

The main concept of the pavilion of the Jewish Autonomous Region is “A Rainbow Bridge”. A rainbow is the key component. It symbolizes peace, happiness, good. It is the core element represented on the flag of the region as a symbol of aspiration to go up, to grow and to develop. The exhibition displays ethnic, natural uniqueness and investment attractiveness, as well as the importance of health of the nation.

A rainbow is an important symbol of the region and its use in the structure played a crucial role at the stage of selection of design direction.

Location of the plot on both sides of the walkway allowed us to erect “a rainbow bridge” across the walkway placing at the top an observation platform, which is the key element of the pavilion.

The bows are lit at night covering the pavilion with a colorful dome. According to some beliefs there are treasures hidden at the other end of the rainbow. And in the Jewish Autonomous Region “at the other end of the rainbow” there is a lot of treasure, i.e. friendly people, pure nature, new innovative projects.

The radius of the bows has been calculated in such a way as to provide a comfortable passage for people and vehicles beneath them compactly hugging the passage.

The left side of the podium is used for a summer outdoor café with dishes of the regional cuisine. The stairs to the observation platform are located at the back of the building.

10 facts about Jewish Autonomous Region

Sholem Aleichem

is a writer called a Jewish Mark Twain

In place of the modern Birobidzhan there was a railway station


Every two years there is an International

Festival of Jewish Culture and Art held in the JAR

is the only autonomous region in Russia


Chief Rabbi of the region Eliyahu Riss

is the youngest Rabbi in Russia

Birobidzhan train station

is the first stone building of the city

There is a monument to the

first Jewish settlers in Birobidzhan

a Jewish seven-branched candlestick, symbolizes a tree of life. A fountain in a shape of menorah is at the train station forecourt in Birobidzhan

A Menorah

A Red Listed Ussury Crane inhabits

in the wildlife reserve “Zhuravliny”

The Trans-Siberian Railway runs through the

Jewish Autonomous Region