About pavilion

An interactive pavilion called the Tiger House is being showcased as part of the 2nd International Tiger Forum at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum’s “Far East Street” exhibition area.

The Pavilion’s display will allow visitors to get better acquainted with the world of this miraculous, striped predator, to learn more about its evolution, the main historical facts about the life of the Red Book animals up to the 20th century and the measures taken to conserve the population in Russia. In addition, visitors of the exhibition will be able to admire rare footage from the habitats of tigers obtained using photo monitoring, but most importantly will come to understand that preserving the tiger population on Earth is one of the most acute challenges facing humanity. The Russian Far East alone is currently home to 95% of the entire population of Amur tigers. The Russian Federation must therefore play a pivotal role in the conservation of this large predator.

The Pavilion will be open from 5 to 11 September 2022.