About pavilion

The House of Indigenous Peoples Pavilion will be presented at the Far East Street Exhibition for the first time. It is dedicated to the culture of the Indigenous peoples of Russia. Numerous events will take place at the House, including the ‘Creative Industries Forum. Sociocultural Development of the Northern Regions’. The forum events include: ‘Taming the Cold: Technologies for Life in the North’, ‘Snow House: Special Features of the Environment of Northern Cities’, ‘Russian Arctic Style’, ‘People: The Creative Potential of the North’, ‘Gastronomy of the Arctic, Siberia, and the Far East’ and numerous others. Leaders of the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North will take part in the events at the House of Indigenous Peoples, and roundtables are planned on the traditional economy of Indigenous peoples. The cultural programme will feature a photo exhibition by the winners of the Northern Eye contest as well as the Children of the Arctic photo exhibition. Guests will have an opportunity to take part in master classes on the artistic processing of bones, horns, and walrus tusks, and the manufacturing of national toys. They will also be able to make products from fish skin and deer fur or learn the national dances of the northern peoples. In addition, visitors to the pavilion will have a chance to taste the unique gastronomy of the north in the lounge of the ICE BAR pavilion.