Dear Friends,

The Innosocium Foundation, the Social Platform of the Roscongress Foundation, has organized the ‘Soul of Russia. The North’ Youth Multimedia Discussion Creative Campus during the main days of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum, which will take place in Vladivostok on 5–8 September.

It’s my pleasure to welcome participants in the EEF and the Creative Business Forum, which is being organized by the Innosocium Foundation, to the campus. The programme focuses on promising trends in creative industries and the development of the social sector in the northern territories. We believe the potential of the ethno-cultural diversity of Indigenous peoples is the main driver for the development of creative projects in the Russian North.

Unlike debates about economic issues, discussions on creative industries provide a unique chance to not only demonstrate theory, but show such industries in practice straight away, thus creating a synergistic effect and motivating participants, local young people, and opinion leaders to join in the development of the country’s creative economy and develop horizontal ties.

The different formats of events within the summit provide an opportunity to immerse participants in the importance and necessity of developing a creative agenda in the northern territories. At the campus, you can take part in discussions on a wide range of creative industries, including e-sports, cinema, video games, and tourism, and attend public talks with representatives of the creative sector. Broaden your knowledge of the northern territories, their culture, and heritage, and try to create a piece of folk art yourself.

Elena Marinina

Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation,
Director of the Innosocium Foundation

About the campus

The ‘Soul of Russia. The North’ youth creative campus unites heritage and creative industries. The programme includes master classes and lectures by creative sector experts who have experience working with the territories of the North, the Far East, and the Arctic. The pavilion’s interior is inspired by a modern version of a reindeer skin tent, where traditional daily items of the peoples of the North are used as decorative elements. Master classes and screenings of short films are held between lectures. Each day, the pavilion’s programme has its own theme: cinema and animation, branding and education, ethnicity, multimedia and technology, as well as art and culture.

The programme includes:

  • Multimedia projects

    • ‘Soul of Russia. Creative North’ – a programme that consists of six large conceptual videos that reveal the main focuses of the creative industries of the North that are integrated into the life of modern people: gourmet cuisine, music, fashion, visual arts, animation, design/architecture, and IT.

    • Short films

    • Animation characters that mimic movements

    • Digital herd – the buyer of an NFT will become the owner of a live deer that you can watch online.

  • Discussions and interviews – presentation of creative projects by the first graduates the Creative Industries Schools; the Young Scientists Summit; a meeting of the youth press centre with media representatives; and an open dialogue on cinema, tourism, video games, and self-fulfilment in the creative industries.

  • Master classes

    • creation of arts and crafts (processing of fish skin, the national doll, wood and bone carving, and the creation of designer items and amulets).

    • 100 paintings – the creation of a collection of paintings that purify the air through the use of a unique photocatalytic paint.

  • Map of the heritage of the peoples of the North – it consists of objects of cultural and historical heritage in the format of archival photo and video materials and contains information about 14 Indigenous peoples.