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The ‘Far East Street’ exhibition is one of the main events at the Eastern Economic Forum. It helps shorten distances and provides visitors with a unique opportunity to visit different regions of the Far East and get acquainted with their culture, traditions, nature, attractions, and the main economic and social achievements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared development of the Far East a national priority for the entire 21st century. The economy of the Far Eastern regions is continuing to develop actively. More than 2,800 investment projects, each representing an important contribution to improving the quality of life in the Russian Far East, are receiving state support.

This year, socio-economic development dynamics, key industrial and infrastructure projects, new enterprises, social initiatives and programmes will be presented on an interactive model of the macro-region in the pavilion of the Russian Far East and the Arctic Development Corporation ‘Developing the Far East’. Modern multimedia and digital technologies will help us demonstrate the scale of the economic and social changes and the diversity, brightness and unique character of the Russian Far East. We will present products made by new enterprises operating in the Priority Special Economic Zones and Free Port Vladivostok and will showcase projects for supporting the Special Military Operation. We will help the public and business people navigate the various state support mechanisms and social programmes. In the pavilion, it will be possible to get advice on practical application of state support mechanisms, obtaining land in the Far East and the Arctic for free, improving housing conditions with the help of preferential mortgages, and testing digital services. 

I am confident that, this year, the exhibition will help those who come here for the first time to discover the Russian Far East for themselves. And those who live and work in the Russian Far East will take away with them an even greater love for their homeland!

Nikolay Zapryagaev

General Director, Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation
Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation

About pavilion

Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation

The ‘Developing the Far East’ display is part of the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition, its main focus being on the results of the initiatives to accelerate social and economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District using state support mechanisms, and on projects and social programmes being implemented in the Far Eastern regions. The central element of the display is a Far East multimedia model. An interactive exhibition will showcase products made by enterprises established in the Priority Special Economic Zones and Free Port Vladivostok, as well as projects in support of the Special Military Operation. The pavilion will also offer consultations on practical application of the various state support mechanisms and how to obtain land in the Far East and in the Arctic free of charge, and will provide information on services for individuals and business people.