Governor of Sakhalin Region

Oleg Kozhemyako

Dear friends!

Sakhalin Region is a unique region of Russia. It has abundant resource and raw materials base, significant opportunities for tourism, recreation, and most importantly, business development and investment activities.

In recent years, large-scale projects have been implemented in Sakhalin and the Kurils in agriculture, sport and tourism, transport, fuel and energy.

In 2017, Sakhalin region showed the most impressive growth in Russia following the National rating of the investment climate, having risen by 42 positions.

Successes and achievements of the region are presented at the exhibition The Far East Street. In the exposition of the Sakhalin region, we will represent the investment potential of the region with samples of products produced by Sakhalin agro-industrial companies, we will tell about the tourist routes of Sakhalin and the Kurils. Our guests will have opportunity to virtually visit Gorniy Vozdukh sports and tourist resort and feel the atmosphere of the island.

In addition, the pavilion reflects the idea of build- ing a transition from the mainland to Sakhalin. De- spite the fact that the initiative is still at the stage of elaboration, we offer visitors of the exhibition to look into the possible future and introduce themselves in the fast train “Sakhali – Crimea”.

We invite you to the exposition of the Sakhalin region at the Eastern economic forum!

Sakhalin Region


Big cities:
Korsakov, Kholmsk, Okha
Rivers, lakes:
Tym and Poronay rivers, lakes Tunaycha, Nevskoye, Busse
Monsoon type, with cold – albeit more humid and less severe than on the mainland – winters and comfortable and moderately warm summers. The climate of the Kuril Islands is shaped by the maritime geography, with both warm winters and summers.
87,100 sq. km
490,200 000 people
Transport connection:
Air, sea, rail, car
Oil and natural gas production, coal mining, fishing industry, and agriculture

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Anton Chekhov

visited the island in 1890. Some of the local cultural institutions and sites are now dedicated to the playwright, including several museums

The map contours

of Sakhalin resemble the shape of a fish.

Sakhalin Region is the only

island region

in Russia.

20 cm

is the maximum size of the Sakhalin oyster's shell


Russia's first LNG production plant was built in Sakhalin in 2009

Red caviar

is one of the region's symbols

The Sakhalin Region Local

History Museum

is one of a handful of the remaining Japanese pagoda-style buildings

Sakhalin Region is home to

37 active volcanoes


40,000 Koreans

now reside in Sakhalin, making up a significant share of the island's population

Located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Gorny Vozdukh

(Mountain Air)

ski resort is one of the best in the Russian Far East.



A railway bridge open to high-speed cargo and passenger trains is expected to connect Sakhalin and mainland Russia in near future. A model of the high-speed Sakhalin-Moscow train invites visitors to fancy this bright futuristic project.

Enterprises from the Yuzhnaya Advanced Special Economic Zone offer a wide range of agricultural products. They invite visitors to get acquented with marvellous delicacies from Sakhalin.

The pavillion presents Children of Asia, Russia’s first international winter sports championship, to take place next February in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The Journey to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands is an interactive game displaying this island region’s unique tourist destinations.

And here’s some more futurism at the stand: the robot barman treats everyone to milk beverages produced in Sakhalin.

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