Governor of Sakhalin Region

Oleg Kozhemyako


I cordially welcome you to the Festival of the Street of the Russian Far East and invite you to get a closer look at Sakhalin Region. This, the only Russian island region, has a unique natural environment and rich resource potential. This is a place where large-scale investment projects are implemented. Agri- culture, fishing, sports, and tourism are actively developing.

Our pavilion will give you the chance to learn about dozens of various tourist destinations and recreation opportunities. Here you can imagine yourselves on the slopes of the world class ski resort, Gorny Vozdukh, which hosts the FAR EAST CUP competition every year. It also where the 2019 International Winter Sport Games, "Children of Asia," will take place, under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee.

You will have the chance to open the virtual door to Sakhalin and communicate with the people of the region, have your portrait made by an artist from the island, and get familiar with the history of the region, which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year.

We would like to tell you about new technologies in agriculture and about measures to support the participants of the Far East Hectare program. We will also treat you to some seafood delicacies.

Welcome to the Festival's Sakhalin Street and to our island region!

Sakhalin Region



thousand km2



thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

Sakhalin Region is the only constituent entity of the Russian Federation located entirely on islands. Sakhalin Region consists of 59 islands (Sakhalin island and the adjacent islands of Moneron and Tyuleny, as well as the 56 islands of the Kuril Ridge).

Sakhalin Region ranks number one in the Russian Federation by GDP per capita. To be specific, it's about 1.7 million rubles per capita, while the average in Russia is 569 thousand rubles. Russia's first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant to produce 5% of the world's LNG volume is located in Sakhalin.

The settlement of Sakhalin by Europeans began in the 17th century, when the Dutch ship Castricum approached the islands then inhabited by the Nivkhs and the Ainu. The Dutch seafarer Maarten Gerritszoon de Vries was the first to put the south-east of Sakhalin on the map. Rus- sian seafarers (V.D. Poyarkov and V.V. Atlasov) explored the islands in 1646 and 1697. The French names of the island of Moneron, Cape Krilion, Mt. de Martiner, and De Kastri Bay came about because of the round-the-world expedition of Captain Jean François de La Pérouse at the end of the 18th century.



The Sakhalin Region Pavilion is in the shape of a giant salmon. Fishing has a special place in the life of the people of Sakhalin and the Kurils, and the fishing industry makes a large contribution to the economy of the region.

One of the special treats of the exposition will be the "virtual door" to Sakhalin, an online video-conference with the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In 2019, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is set to host the International Winter Sport Games, "Children of Asia". With the help of augmented-reality technology, guests of the pavilion will see sports facilities and hotels currently under construction.

Gorny Vozdukh, a sports and tourism resort, is one of the draws for tourists to the Sakhalin Region. With the help of augmented reality glasses, visitors will find themselves among the snowy slopes of the resort.

With the help of specialists of the Tourist Information Center, interested visitors will be able to buy tourist products without even having to leave the pavilion.

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