Acting Governor of Primorsky Territory

Andrey Tarasenko

Dear friends!

EEF-2018 is marked by the anniversary of the Primorskiy Territory: in October it celebrates 80 years since its foundation.

Today we are all together doing everything to make our native land flourish and move forward confidently. Large-scale projects are being implemented, thanks to which Primorye becomes the largest business, innovation and economic center in the APR.

The Free Port Vladivostok, territories of advanced economic growth, the Far Eastern hectare, the world-class shipyard “Zvezda”, perspective investment enterprises, fishing and shipbuilding, ports and mining industry, agriculture and tourism – all that is the Primorskiy Territory!

We are glad to present the advanced achievements and amazing beauty of Primorye to the guests and participants of the EEF-2018 at the traditional exhibition “The Street of the Far East”. Visitors to the exposition will see what our region is living today, what ambitious plans will become reality tomorrow. The newest technologies will allow to see everything with one’s own eyes and even admire the incredible dawn on the beautiful Tobizin Cape and walk around the unique Park of Dragons.

I wish everyone rich experience and good mood!

Primorsky Krai


Big cities:
Artyom, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka
Rivers, lakes:
Razdolnaya, Artyomovka, Ussuri, Bikin, Lake Khanka
Among Russia’s record holders for number of sunny days. Winters are dry and cold, with little precipitation. Springs are cool, with frequent temperature swings. Summers are marked by typhoons, precipitation and fog, and in autumn, it is warm and dry.
164,700 square kilometres
1.9 m
Transport connection:
Air, rail, car, sea
Fishing and fish processing, power stations, coal mining, car manufacturing, ship repairs, lumber industry, transportation and logistics industry, tourism

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Sochi, Nice and Marseille

are on the same latitude as Vladivostok

The Sea of Japan

is home to 20 species of whale and 6 species of seal

Up to 40°C,

the temperature difference between the north- ern and southern parts of the Sea of Japan and between its eastern and western parts


a mixture obtained from red algae, is used in the production of the famous candy called Ptichye moloko (literally: avian milk)

The Amur leopard

is native to Primorye. It was recently added to the IUCN Red List

The Gamov Lighthouse

on the cape of the same name is marked as number one on the list of Russia's lighthouses

The Russky Bridge

is considered the world's longest cable-stayed bridge

Petrov Island

boasts a remarkable yew grove that is more than a thousand years old

The Primorye Oceanarium on Russky Island is home to

over 500

marine and freshwater species

The Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island occupies

54 ha



The pavilion features a floor map of the Primorsky Territory with markings showing the region’s key facilities. To learn interesting facts about the region, just download the app to your mobile device.

This year Primorsky Territory celebrates its 80th anniversary, and so its exhibition displays the very best this territory has to offer.

The ‘Sea’ area highlights state-of-the-art shipbuilding developments and technologies, aquaculture and fishery achievements in the Primorsky Territory.

The Territory’s central ‘Sikhote-Alin’ pavilion presents the local companies’ developments, major public facilities and main economic sectors.

Make sure to try the organic seafood from the Primorsky Territory, and join a virtual cruise on board a modern motor boat.

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