Governor of Primorsky Krai

Vladimir Miklushevsky


Primorye is a very special region with its own character and amazing charm. This is a land of fogs and mountains, of the Sea of Japan and magnificent summits of Sikhote-Alin. Its unique landscapes and unmatched atmosphere inspire and stick to memory for life.

Primorye Territory I traditionally a center of Russian and European culture in Asia. Indeed, here there is the region’s only branch of the famous Mariinsky Theatre that always attracts foreign guests with its performances; in the coming years branches of the Hermitage, Russian Museum and Tretyakov Gallery will open. Today Primorye is becoming a great tourist hub of a Paific country that accepts and redistributes part of a tourist flow form the Asia-Pacific countries.

The Russian Far East Street Festival is to show all diversity of Primorye land. In our pavilion you can learn about today’s everyday life of ingenious population, about their traditions and culture.

The Primorye Territory exposition will tell you what life of our region is like. The choice of architectural concept wasn’t random. Sikhote-Alin pavilion was inspired by mountain landscape, and the lotus that is the symbol of Primorye speaks about our wish to develop and improve ourselves. This is the way we see our land – it looks forward to future and is full of great opportunities and perspectives.

Primorsky Krai



thousand km2



thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

Primorye provides 20% of all Russian fishing, produces 85.5% of all canned and preserved food volume at the Far East. 5.5 tons of milk by one cow per year is an average productivity in Primorye; on this subject the region is the leader of the Far East.

Last year, over 500 thousand foreign tourists visited Primorye; total tourist flow exceeded 3 million people. Primorye is in the Top-5 of the most tourist attractive regions of Russia. A milestone for this industry has been an introduction of the Free-Port of Vladivostok regime.

There are 6 seaports here. Over 16% of sea freight in Russia belongs to Primorye.

The majority of Amur leopard population, one of the rarest predators on the Earth, live in Primorye. In addition, here there is the biggest Russian area of distribution of Amur tigers.

National level project of a state of art shipbuilding yard construction is implemented in the ASEZ “Bolshoy Kamen” in Primorye. Also, such large capacity objects as bots for developing a hydrocarbonic potential of the Arctic shelf will be built here.



The Lotus Pavilion includes a model of complex of fortifications knows as Vladivostok Fortress, one of the largest coastal fortresses of the world.

The Sikhote-Alin Pavilion hosts a modern exposition illustrating the economic and social potential of Primorsky Krai.

At the Eco Bar, guests can try non-alcoholic cocktails made from the wild plants growing on the territory of Primorsky Krai, taste original products made by local producers, and buy souvenirs.

Next to the pavilions is the interactive site, "Kamera! Motor! Snyato!" ("Lights! Camera! Action!"). Primorye is the first region of the Russian Far East that grants subsidies to filmmakers in order to compensate costs of shooting at the territory of the region.

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