Acting Governor of the Magadan Region

Sergey Nosov

Dear friends!

The Magadan region is fairly called the "golden heart" of Russia. Kolyma is one of the ten largest regions in terms of mineral reserves, takes the first place in the country in the extraction of alluvial gold and silver, the second place – in gold mining. We are proud to tell you about our achievements at the Far East Street exhibition. Here, businessmen will be able to obtain information about the investment potential of the territory, about the benefits and preferences that are granted to investors in the Magadan region.

The unique exhibition of gold nuggets and acquaintance with interesting facts of gold mining in Kolyma await all guests of our pavilion. Here you can make a virtual dive into the waters of the sea of Okhotsk, extract grains of alluvial gold with the help of ancient artisanal miner’s pan, touch the original culture of the indigenous peoples of Kolyma.

I am sure that the fourth Eastern Economic Forum will become an important platform for communication between state leaders and the business community heads, and the result of this communication will be the attraction of investments and modern technologies to the regions of the East of Russia.

I invite you to the exposition of Kolyma at the Far East Street exhibition!

Magadan Region


Big cities:
Ola, Susuman, Sokol
Rivers, lakes:
The Kolyma, the Sugoy, the Omolon, the Ola, the Detrin rivers and Chistoye, Parenskoye, and Jack London lakes.
Extreme continental, severe, with cold winds. There is warm and even hot weather in the summer; however, the average annual air temperature in the area is subzero.
462,500 sq. km
144,100 people
Transport connection:
Air (airplanes, helicopters), bus, automobile
Mining industry (silver, gold, tungsten, tin, coal), fish industry

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The participants of the "Gold Finder's Luck" festival have

15 minutes

to wash two buckets of gold-bearing soil and become a millionaire if lucky

The Lake of

Dancing Grayling

is any fisherman's dream. The name is self-explanatory

4.8 million

birds nest on the Matykil is - land of the Yamskoy archipelago. This is the most densely populated colony of birds in the North-East Pacific

3,000 tonnes of gold

was mined in Kolyma over the entire period of field development

More than 750 tonnes

of silver is mined in the Magadan Region per year. The Dukat deposit is the largest one in the world

Although actor and singer

Vladimir Vysotskiy

was in Kolyma only once in 1968, they built a monument to him in Nagayev Bay

There is a


gazebo in the central park of Magadan. It was recreated in the place of the former gazebo built by Japanese prisoners of war

The city of Magadan

is on the same geographical latitude with Saint Petersburg

The Mourning Mask

monument is the largest monument created by the architect Ernst Neizvestnyy

2,032 km

is the length of the P504 Kolyma federal motorway. It connects Magadan with Yakutsk



You can explore the unique underwater world of the Sea of Okhotsk on board an interactive training bathyscaphe. The Magadan Region’s Pavilion warmly welcomes all visitors to the exhibition to embark on this exciting virtual tour.

The pavilion also features the replicas of unique nuggets found in the depths of the Magadan Region such as the 16.827-kilogram ‘Gold Giant’ and the ‘Mephistopheles’, whose profile resembles that of the devil from Goethe’s Faust.

Virtual reality makes it nice and easy for you to go to a bird colony on the rocks or to seals on the seashore – all you have to do is point the camera of your mobile device at the pavilion’s walls and ceiling.

The Magadan Region is Russia’s ‘golden heart’: over 3,000 tons of gold have been extracted here over the past 85 years. The Magadan Region’s exhibition stand will give you little-known and exciting facts about gold mining.

The augmented reality interactive map focuses on the investment potential of the entire Magadan Region.

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