Governor of Magadan Region

Vladimir Pecheny


Magadan Region is the place where Russia gets its running start. While the central part of the country is going to bed, we here are already awake, building and creating the new day. Our little motherland is an example of the unparalleled courage of researchers, scientists, and geologists, who, amid permafrost, long winters, and minus-50 degree temperatures, discovered and explored precious metal reserves almost 100 years ago.

Today, Magadan Region is one of Russia's leaders in gold and silver extraction. And in the depths there are still many mineral resources which the whole world will benefit from, and which will bring success to investors.

But what we take special pride in is our people. Kolyma attracts strong, independent, and enthusiastic people. They range from the Cossacks of the 17th century, who explored the faraway North, to modern developers and energy-sector specialists, who create oases of civilization among the wilderness.

And there is no other way, since Magadan Region is over 460 thousand square kilometers of virgin nature, mighty mountains, green forests, and rushing mountain rivers with transparent water.

You can't help falling in love with this corner of the Earth. See for yourself at the 2017 Eastern Economic Forum. Come and visit our Street of the Russian Far East!

Magadan Region



thousand km2



thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

Magadan Region is number one in Russia by volume of silver extraction, placer gold production, and volume of discovered gold reserves.

The world's most famous well-preserved remains of the ancient mammoth, later named Baby Mammoth Dima, were discovered in Magadan Region in the estuary of the Kirgilyakh River in 1977. It lived between 13 and 40 thousand years ago.

The most intriguing find in the treasuries of the Diamond Fund of Russia is the gold nugget called Mephisto due to its peculiar shape. It was found in 1944 in Magadan Region. It was proven not to be treated artificially.



The pavilion displays replicas of nuggets found in the depths of the earth of the region, among them the largest of the registered nuggets, the Golden Giant, with a mass of over 16 kg.

The exposition will also include a model of part of the gold-processing plant at the Natalka deposit, a mine with one of the world's largest reserves.

The Prospector's Lucky Strike installation illustrates a prospector's lifestyle and work in the field. There will be workshops and panning competitions for visitors.

The National Village exposition represents the unique culture of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North.

At the Eco Bar, designed to look like a geologist's (miner's) house, guests can taste the goods of Magadan producers: unique Magadan honey, various kinds of sweets, and pastries.

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