Governor of Kamchatsky Krai

Vladimir Ilyukhin


Kamchatka is an amazing territory, a one-of-a-kind land of contrasts, where cities peacefully coexist and develop next to untouched nature. But this region is interesting not only for its natural beauty, but also for its significant investment potential. Modern Kamchatka is a territory of great opportunity for any kind of business.

Nowadays, the region is actively developing: production volumes are increasing, new enterprises are being opened in all branches of the economy, jobs are being created. We have undertaken the modernization of the region's transportation resources: the reconstruction of the principal sea and air gates to Kamchatka has begun. A new passenger ship terminal has been built and put into operation, and a competition for contracts to construct an international terminal at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport has been announced.

Thanks to the state's support the Far East, Kamchatka has become attractive to investors from all over the world. At this moment, around 50 investment projects are underway in the region, worth a total amount of over 80 billion rubles. And we are open to new proposals and ideas.

To all the participants of the Eastern Economic Forum: may your work bear fruit. The Forum offers an excellent opportunity not only to make business contacts, but also to establish an open dialogue between investors and the state in order to discuss problems and barriers which may arise as projects are realized.

At the Eastern Economic Forum, we will represent Kamchatka, introducing visitors to the special recreational opportunities of the region and to the advantages of doing business here. We cordially invite everybody to visit our area, discover something new about our peninsula, and, then, perhaps, to make the right decision — to go to Kamchatka in person. Welcome!

Kamchatsky Krai



thousand km2



thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

Kuril Lake is the largest spawning ground for the Pacific salmon in Eurasia. Up to 6 million fish specimen at a time may be found the lake. At the end of summer, more than 200 brown bears gather together in the lake basin.

In 2017, Kamchatka celebrated its 10th anniversary. A new constituent entity appeared on the map of Russia when the region merged with the Koryak Autonomous Okrug.

The official holiday of the region, Volcano Day, is celebrated in Kamchatka each year. The participants climb to the top of the acting giant.



The exposition is united by the theme "Snowy Kamchatka". The stand can be tentatively divided into several conceptual sites.

The Snowstorm Pavilion, the focus of the display, is in the form of a transparent cube covered with snow. Inside the walls, there is a simulation of a snowstorm. The highlight of the pavilion is the downhill-skiing training machine.

The culture of the region is represented by traditional buildings of the indigenous population and the Russian First Settlers.

The interactive Ice-Fishing zone imitates a pond in winter. Visitors can try their luck at ice fishing.

Kamchatka will display unique 3D and 2D pictures as part of the wide-format photo exhibition. The main themes will be the abundance of the natural world and the people of Kamchatka.

The Agency for Tourism and External Affairs of Kamchatsky Krai

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The Regional Government-Owned State Budget-Funded Institution "Tourist Information Center"

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