Governor of Kamchatsky Krai

Vladimir Ilyukhin

Friends, participants, and guests of the Eastern Economic Forum,

Kamchatka is an amazing area, which efficiently combines fascinating nature with the growing economy.

It is ideal for implementing travel projects. The Valley of Geysers, vulcanoes, thermal springs, and the Pacific Ocean attract more travelers from Russia and abroad every year. The region develops new routes, encourages new travel agencies, and expands the regional transportation network, which is very important given the territory’s geography. A new sophisticated airport is being built and vessels are designed to connect the peninsula with the Komandorskie Islands and the key ports of Far East. Kamchatka will become even more accessible to all visitors.

The number of residents in the Advanced Development Zones and the Free Port of Vladivostok tripled over the last year alone. The region implements 200 private projects with RUB 250 billion in investments. We are open for any new proposals and ideas. The economic potential and business benefits of Russia’s most attractive region are shown in the Far East Street exhibition of the Kamchatka territory. Feel free to visit our sites and decide to make a personal trip to the amazing Kamchatka region. Welcome!

Kamchatsky Krai


Big cities:
Elizovo, Vilyuchinsk
Rivers, lakes:
Kamchatka, Penzhina, Talovka, Avacha, Paratunka
Moderate marine on the coast, continental in the center of the peninsula, and subarctic in the north. Winter is long and snowy, and there are often blizzards
464.300 sq. km
317,200 people
Transport connection:
Fisheries, agriculture, natural gas, coal, nonferrous metals, tourism

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10 FACTS ABOUT THE Kamchatsky Krai

50 kg

was the maximum weight of chinook salmon caught in the waters of Kamchatka

100 g

of red caviar contain about 270 kilocalories, while the caloric content of 100 g of meat is about 150 kcal

Kamchatka has

30 active

volcanoes and more than 160 extinct ones


of all bears in Rus- sia live in Kamchatka

In 2018, the length of the Beringia dog sled race was

2,101 km

Residents of Kamchatka often eat

bracken – both

as an ingredient in salads and as an independent dish

Residents and guests of Kamchatka can swim in hot

thermal springs

all year round

Kamchatka gives Russia


of the total fish catch


is one of the most popular types of active tourism

Avacha Bay

can accommodate the entire world's trade fleet at the same time



In the pavilion «Nature. Kronotsky Reserve» spherical cinema is open where unique 360 movies of world famous landmarks of Kamchatka are playing.

Red caviar is one of the symbols of the Kamchatka Territory. The appearance of the pavilion resembles eggs. Investment potential of region is also presented here.

Pavilion «Tourism» offers visitors to choose their route through Kamchatka using a touch panel created on the basis of real impressions of tourists.

Each visitor can take part in a thematic flash mob, and also collect their virtual postcard and send to themselves or a friend by e-mail.

In the central zone of the pavilion there is an LED mockup of the volcano simulating an eruption. All guests will be enchanted by the spectacle.

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