Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region

Aleksandr Levintal


One may assert with confidence the growing importance of the Eastern Economic Forum for meeting the targets of the effective socioeconomic development of the Russian Far East, increasing their investment attractiveness and increasing opportunities for foreign economic cooperation.

Without a doubt, participation in last year's Eastern Economic Forum gave a boost to the activation of our region's economic life. Over the course of last year, as compared with the previous one, the volume of capital investment increased, the regional budget's own income grew by almost 18 percent, and the industrial production index in the sphere of mineral resources extraction was 186 percent, which is the best indicator value in the Far Eastern Federal District. The Kimkano-Sutarsky Mining and Processing Plant started to ship products, and this enterprise is slated to become the agship enterprise of regional industry. The ASEZ Amuro-Khinganskaya was established. The total volume of investments to this project will reach over 17 billion rubles, and it will provide jobs for over one thousand people. Construction of the Russian part of the international bridge crossing over the Amur River from Nizhneleninskoye to Tongjiang (China) is making good progress and is scheduled to be completed in June 2018.

I have no doubt that participation in last year's forum was useful and inspiring for other Russian Far Eastern regions, as well.

I wish with all my heart that the participants of this year's forum will do even more productive and solid work, strengthening already established ties and establishing new ones!

Autonomous Region



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thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

The Jewish Autonomous Region is the only constituent entity of the Russian Federation with the status of autonomous oblast.

The method of returning young Amur tigers to the wild was first tested in the Jewish Autonomous Region. Prior to this, they were kept in captivity due to negative circumstances. This experiment from May 2013 yielded brilliant results: As of this moment, at least ten tigers inhabit the oblast's territory. This successful test made it possible to extend the Amur tiger's habitat and enrich the taiga's biological diversity.

The Jewish Autonomous Region has become a pioneer in restoring aquatic biological resources. It is here that the first fish-breeding farms in Priamurye appeared, and 1928, salmon-breeding was undertaken. Nowadays, three fish-breeding grounds are operating in the oblast: two for salmon and one for sturgeon.



Noah's Ark is the name of the Jewish Autonomous Region's pavilion, reflecting the main objective of the Year of the Environment, which is the preservation of life on Earth.

The structural basis of the display, the triangle, is a shape symbolizing nature's equilibrium and the harmony of humans with the environment.

The central part of the display is occupied by an objet d'art, the Tree of Life, symbolizing the triumph of the unity of humans and nature.

At the sector called Bar, you have the chance to get familiar with the products of the brand Dalnevostochnaya Apteka (the Far East Drugstore), made from herbs and plants of the taiga.

The health and recreation resort zone is sponsored by the Kuldur Resort, which offers visitors special water from thermal springs in spray packs. Specialists are ready to offer healthcare resort vouchers on very favorable conditions.

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