Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region

Aleksandr Levintal

Dear participants and guests of the Eastern Economic Forum – 2018,

I am sure that the previous forum provided a good impetus to the Russian Far Eastern regions in addressing socio-economic challenges that are be- fore them. As for the Jewish Autonomous Region, the important milestones for it are reaching of full capacity of Kimkano-Sutarsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant and intensive development of the mining sector as a whole. Kuldur Brucite Mine is expanding its operation, production of tin is being revived at Khingan ore deposit, a plant is being built to process graphite. Largely due to considerable growth dynamics in the mining sector the industrial output in the region increased by 42 percent last year. This is the highest indicator of industrial output growth rate in the country.

The Far Eastern Economic Forum essentially has become an effective platform for business ties establishment, attraction of investments, expansion of foreign trade-economic cooperation and exchange of best practices. Therefore it is quite logical that every new forum attracts more attention of guests and participants than the previous one. I have no doubt that EEF-2018 will keep and strengthen this tradition.

I heartily wish all who take part in it an inspired, interesting and, above all, productive work.

Autonomous Region


Big cities:
Rivers, lakes:
Amur, Bira, Bidzhan, Birakan
One of the most favourable climates in the Far East. The winter is cold with little snowfall, and the summer is warm and humid. The amount of rainfall spikes at the end of July and in the beginning of August
787,6 sq. km
164,2 people
Transport connection:
Railway, automobile
Mining, manufacturing, construction, agriculture

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Sholem Aleichem

is a Jewish writer known as the Jewish Mark Twain


is located today where there used to be the Tikhonkaya railway station

The Jewish Autonomous Region hosts the

international festival

of Jewish culture biennially

The Jewish

Autonomous Region is the only autonomous region in Russia

The chief rabbi of the region,

Eliyahu Riss,

is the youngest rabbi in Russia


railway station

was the first building in the city built of stone

There is

a monument

to the first Jewish migrants in Birobidzhan

The menorah

is a Jewish seven-branched candelabrum symbolising the Tree of Life. There is a fountain in the form of a me- norah in front of the Birobidzhan train station

The endangered

Japanese Crane

live in the Zhuravliny Forest Reserve

The Trans-Siberian

Railway passes through the Jewish Autonomous Region



The investment zone presents projects developed by the enterprises that are part of the Amuro-Khinganskaya Advanced Special Economic Zone, mining companies and international cooperation projects. One of them is the cross-border Nizhneleninskoye-Tongjiang bridge, which drives the development of the region’s transportation and logistics industry.

The design of the Jewish Autonomous Region’s exhibition stand features Aleph, the first letter of the Jewish alphabet that symbolises independence, wealth and sustainable development. These qualities of the region are reflected in its official presentation focusing on the Jewish Autonomous Region’s economy and cultural specificities.

Recipients of the one-hectare plot of land share their experiences in land exploitation. Since the start of the Far East One-Hectare Project, a coniferous forest nursery, a bee-garden, bakery and taiga product manufacturing have been established in the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Visitors can plunge into the mineral water brought to the exhibition from a thermal spring at the Kuldur Spa Resort. Primary nature and the unique mineral water are good for heath, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them!

The Laboratory of Ice of the Sholom Aleichem Amur State University displays ice-breaking technologies that are of special importance for the development of the Northern Sea Route.

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