Governor of Chukotkka Autonomous Area

Roman Kopin

Dear participants and guests of the forum!

Chukotka is the most northeastern region of Russia, stands out for its special geographical and climatic features. This is the Arctic.

There are many interesting places for tourism here. There is a national reserve – Wrangel Island in the area. Not far from Pevek are Pegtymel petroglyphs, they are more than a thousand years old, a whale alley and The Elgygytgyn Lake. Visiting them, the traveler can say that he visited another planet. Visiting Chukotka once, he will return here.

This region has always attracted its natural beauties and riches. Chukotka is a region where the resources needed for the country are extracted. Here lies the strategic mineral reserve of Russia and large-scale projects in the Far East related to subsoil use are being implemented.

We welcome any initiatives, are ready to support those initiatives that will help the region become a self-sufficient Territory. Here all conditions for career growth, self-improvement are created.

Chukotka Autonomous Area


Big cities:
Bilibino, Pevek
Rivers, lakes:
Anadyr, Omolon, Velikaya, Bolshoy, and Malyy Anyuy
Severe and subarctic, marine on the coast, and continental inland. The average annual temperature is below zero
721.5 sq. km
49,800 people
Transport connection:
Air, sea
Gold mining, fishing, extraction of natural coal, gas and nonferrous metals, reindeer husbandry

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A polar bear, which is a symbol of Chukotka, can weigh

up to 800 kg.

In 2004,

Wrangel Island

and its surrounding waters were included in the World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO

In some areas of Chukotka, the sun shines

only 1000 hours

a year, and this is the minimum value for Russia

When travelling to Chukotka, you can cross

the 180th Meridian.

The new day begins here according to the international agreement

There are

hot springs

in cold Chukotka! And the locals bathe there in summer and winter

There is an estuary with a width of 5 km between


and its airport

Academic Lomonosov,

the first floating nuclear power plant in the world, will be commissioned in Pevek in 2019


is one of the most popular amulets in Chukotka

The deer population in Chukotka is

198 thousand

The height of the world's largest statue of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, which is installed in Anadyr, is

6 metres tall



There is a cube symbolising an ice cover in the centre of the exposition. The interior space of the cube is a large 270-degree projection room, where anyone can travel through the amazing and mysterious Chukotka.

The largest mining complex of Chukotka, the Baimsky Mining and Processing Plant, presents its capabilities. The project’s implementation will create new jobs in the region and increase the gross regional product.

The Chukotka exhibition complex is covered with ‘Dance of the Wind’, a kinetic installation of thousands of pieces of foil. Its swaying in the wind creates a sensation of clouds.

At the intersection of the Arctic Circle and the 180th meridian, there is the ‘Sun Symbol’. Visitors can view this symbol in detail at the stand of the pavilion.

The exposition will broadcast a concert of the famous cellists Boris Andrianov and Anna Koshkina.

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