Governor of Chukotkka Autonomous Area

Roman Kopin


Today our region is implementing some of the largest projects in the Far Eastern Federal District: Advanced Special Economic Zone Beringovsky, the Baimskaya Ore Zone, which will develop one of the world's top five copper deposit, as well as an energy bridge to connect Chukotka with Magadan Region.

The Vladivostok Forum is a unique business platform which can help attract attention to Chukotka and demonstrate its success stories and competitive advantages. We are ready to cooperate with investors of different levels. We are interested not only in big business, which creates the foundation for the region's industrial development, but also in representatives of other entrepreneurial segments, which are able to implement projects for the development of greenhouse horticulture, fishing and fish processing, housing and communal services, transportation, and the hotel industry.

As part of the program of the Festival of the Street of the Russian Far East, the region will present the KIT (WHALE) Pavilion. We didn't decide to use the symbol of this mammal "just because". This is a mythical creature for the indigenous peoples of the region who live near the coast. Ancient tales and legends often say that the human used to be the whale, master of the seas.

Dear guests and participants of the Forum! I hereby invite you to visit the stands of the Chukotka Autonomous Area as part of the business portion of the Eastern Economic Forum, as well as the Chukotsky Whale at the Festival of the Street of the Russian Far East. We expect that our sea giant will leave a deep impression on the exhibition's visitors and make them want to come and see with their own eyes the unique nature, wealth of traditions, and opportunities of Chukotka.

Chukotka Autonomous Area



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Did you know?

Chukotka is located in the easternmost time zone. It occupies a special, significant place on our planet, the intersection point of two important lines — the Arctic Circle and the 180th meridian. This place is marked by a symbolic image of the sun: a huge concrete disc with a hole in the center, looking through which the view- er sees the true geographical intersection of the 180th meridian and the Arctic Circle.

A maternity hospital for polar bears is located in Chukotka. That is what they call Wrangel Island, one of the least accessible natural reserves in the world. The island is also considered to be the last place on earth where mammoths lived.

Chukotka is a unique region where almost everything has its peculiarities; that's why it is not surprising that it will be the site for a unique energy facility, the Floating Nuclear Power Station Akademik Lomonosov. The first world's floating nuclear heating power station will be built in Pevek, the northernmost city of the Russian Federation.



The Chukotka Autonomous Area stand uses furniture made from recycled materials in honor of the Year of the Environment. At Yaranga guests will see furniture made from recycled cardboard, and the covers of the soft, frameless pouffes there are made of recycled synthetic and cotton materials.

The Pavilion is in the shape of a lifesize Greenland whale. This animal has special significance for the people of Chukotka.

One of the installations allows guests to enjoy the dancing of cranes. This bird is connected with the mythology of many peoples, especially in the East. It is believed that if a person sees two cranes dancing, he will be happy, and his home will be filled with prosperity.

In the waters near Ajax Bay, visitors to the Forum will be able to see the Pomorian koches of Saint Nicholas and St. Andrew the Apostle, reconstructed in accordance with Russian ship-building traditions, on which the Cossack Semyon Dezhnyov made his travels.

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