Acting Governor of the Amur Region

Vasily Orlov

Dear participants and guests of the exhibition! On behalf of all Amur citizens I welcome you to the «Street of the Far East».

The Amur Region is my homeland. As a native Far East, I sincerely love our land. I know the region well, and I am convinced that the Amur region has great prospects for development and incredible opportunities. The region has traditionally strong sides. We remain the breadbasket of the Far East, and annually produce more than a million tons of soybeans, introduce new lands into circulation, actively develop livestock and process agricultural products. In the gold mining industry, the Amur Region ranks third in Russia. On the territory of the Amur Region are the flagships of the energy of the Far East: Bureyskaya and Zeyskaya HPP. A modern Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP is under construction.

The Amur region is an outstanding region by geographical location due to the longest border with China. Now a unique cross-border automobile bridge across the Amur River is being built, which will connect the two states. The implementation of large-scale gas-chemical projects by world standards is a new stage in the development of the region. Amur Gas Processing Plant will become the largest gas processing enterprise in Russia. Another important milestone was the construction of the cosmodrome «Vostochny», since then the Amur region has since become known as the space harbor of Russia!

In the Amur region, we are always glad to have guests, take care of their comfort. Today the region has taken a course on the development of tourism and the creation of a favorable investment climate.

Amur Region


Big cities:
Belogorsk, Svobodnyi
Rivers, lakes:
Amur, Bureya, Zeya, Sememza
Sharply continental, clearly expressed seasons. In summer, thunderstorms with strong wind and hail are not uncommon. Winter is cold, with a thin snow cover.
361,9 million square km
801,8 thousand people
Transport connection:
Air, rail, road
Machine building and metalworking, agriculture, mining, timber and woodworking industry

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Siberian (Amur) tiger

is one of the rarest representatives of the cat family

Famous film director

Leonid Gaidai

was born in the Amur Region

The total area of the Amur river basin is almost

two million

square kilometres

The Vostochny

Space Launch Centre is located here

The distance between the cities of Blagoveshchensk (Russia) and Heihe (China) is only

800 metres

Zeyskiy Reserve is home to a rare bird species, the

mandarin duck
Amur Dumplings

are baked in clay pots

Amur Region is the

No. 4

most popular destination among Chinese tourists in Russia

Amur region

ranks 3d

in gold mining in Russia

Blagoveshchensk has its own

Triumphal Arch



The region’s investment map presents projects and available venues in the priority development area, and the online calculator for tax relief and preferences evaluates the profitability of doing business in the Amur Region.

The interactive digital model of an automobile bridge leading into China illustrates the opportunities for launching logistics and processing projects.

The Amurcoin presentation introduces visitors to the emission and prospective applications of cryptocurrencies based on the Russia-made Blockchain platform.

The Amur Gas and Chemical Cluster is a LED display showing the entire production chain in the Svobodny Advanced Special Economic Zone.

‘Ice of the Amur River’ is an interactive zone open to everyone where you can rent ice skates and play hockey.

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