Governor of Amur Region

Aleksandr Kozlov


On behalf of the citizens of Amur Region, I am happy to welcome you to the Street of the Russian Far East!

Imagine a vast territory several times larger than some Russian regions in the west of the country, as well as entire countries in Europe. It stretches from the fertile lands of the southern latitudes to the regions of the North, with their permafrost and impenetrable forests.

This territory has a 350-year history of exploration, starting from the time of the defense of the Albazin Fortress. This region is the breadbasket for neighboring territories. Gold, coal, and many other mineral resources are mined here. Hydroelectric power stations produce pollution-free energy. Russia's major transportation arteries pass through the region, and it is here that the country's first automobile bridge to China is being built. Two cities separated by the Amur river, Blagoveshchensk and Heihe, located at the intersection of two civilizations, maintain friendly ties and a high level of trade. This is also the region where the first Russian civilian cosmodrome is located.

Does it sound too good to be true, all of these good things in one region? But this is a real place. And I am happy to present it to you as part of the Festival of the Street of the Russian Far East.

Amur Region



thousand km2



thousand people



billion RUB

Did you know?

Soy accounts for 40% of the total produce of the Russia by volume. Amur Region is the breadbasket of the Russian Far East and the major soy producer in the country. It possesses 53% of the fertile land of the Russian Far East.

It ranks third in Russia by number of Chinese tourist visits. Its unique geographical position and proximity to China create favorable conditions for the development of tourism.

The region is implementing a project of national importance: the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. In the past few decades, Tsiolkovsky has been created from the ground up. It is the only such city in the history of modern Russia.



The exposition covers all aspects of the life and economy of Priamurye: from agriculture to the industrial applications of natural gas.

The entrance room to the pavilion is made in a form of part of a hydroelectric power station, with constantly circulating water. At the other end, the visitor will find the interactive exhibition zone, Albazin Stockade. Impressive illumination is provided at night.

In the center of the pavilion, a 3D map of investment projects offers an overview of Amur Oblast, its location, and its competitive advantages.

Visitors have a chance to "take a trip to space," go on a virtual tour to ISS, and try some space food.

The interactive zone "Pick one hectare of land in Amur Region" makes it possible not only to file an application in an easy way, but also to hear about the region's success stories and try organic honey produced by the first people to get their own hectares of land.

The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Tourism, and Entrepreneurship of Amur Region

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