Dear friends,

We are glad to present Sakhalin Region at the Eastern Economic Forum exhibition. This is the land of unique history, hardworking people, breathtaking nature and the land of emerging opportunities. Today we aim to unveil the full region potential, allowing achieving sustainable development for years ahead and boosting the population living standard.

Therefore, improving the business environment plays a major role and we have achieved a lot in cooperation with the regional business leaders. The regional investment opportunity index jumped from 30th to 8th place in just one year.

A comfortable and transparent business environment boosts a variety of economic and infrastructure projects execution. We create a comfortable environment for oil and gas industry, fisheries; develop multifunctional hub of Korsakov port, agricultural and timber industry parks. Thanks to the improvement of transport infrastructure, new tourist attractions and places have been created.

The region is a pioneer in the country in achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. This goal includes various climate-friendly projects, such as establishment of greenfield and hydrogen clusters, promotion of green energy, conversion of transport to clean energy etc. You are kindly welcome to view these and other projects on the 'Far East Street' exhibition area.

Dear guests,

Welcome to the Sakhalin Region stand, start exploring and enjoy!

General information





Largest cities

Korsakov, Kholmsk, Okha

Rivers, lakes

Tym’ and Poronay Rivers, Tunaicha, Nevskoe, Busse Lakes


Monsoon climate; Sakhalin has a cold but more humid and less severe than on the mainland winter and comfortable, not hot summer. There is a maritime climate with warm winter and summer in the Kuril Islands.


87,100 square km.


489,700 people

Transport communication

Air, sea, rail, road

Time zone



Petroleum and natural-gas extraction, coal mining, fish industry, agriculture

About the pavilion

The stand of Sakhalin Region “GREEN BUSINESS – GREEN ISLANDS” has main issues: investment projects, carbon neutrality, ecology, hydrogen cluster, tourism.

The stand outlook has four main parts:

  • Gorny Vozdukh ski resort;

  • regional climate friendly projects;

  • Busse Lagoon recreational maritime hub;

  • United Far East air carrier Aurora.

The ski resort Gorny Vozdukh with a cable car and mighty fir trees is placed on the roof of the regional pavilion.

At the root of the mountain model will be the wind power model and the quarry dump Belaz symbolizing Greenfield Coal Cluster.

The region pavilion will present a variety of infrastructure, social, economic achievements, investments and national project opportunities.

The pavilion is nominally divided into six zones:

  1. Regional investment projects. Here you will find a comprehensive information on regional priority projects, including Sakhalin Oil and Gas industry park, agricultural park, timber industry park, Korsakov Port logistic hub. The access to Sakhalin Region investment portal is available at the zone. Interactive investment map of Sakhalin region will attract attention of guests.

  2. Carbon-neutral and climate-friendly regional projects. This zone will provide the guests with information on the regional pilot carbon-neutral project, provide hydrogen cluster performance and tell about green economy.

  3. Sakhalin Region Oil and Gas industry. Traditionally “Sakhalin-1”, “Sakhalin-2” and “Sakhalin-3” are invited to host the zone. They will present regional oil and gas perspective projects, industry theme park, business environmental protection social activities.

  4. Regional socio-economic development and nationally important projects touchpad will provide guests with a comprehensive key performance indicators review.

  5. Touchpad in the main hall will provide information on “smart city” and digitalization.

  6. Sustainable development of the Kuril Islands and investment projects (tentatively titled “Our Kuril Islands”). A stand with moving screens provides key information on the socio-economic sustainable development of Kuril Islands, including the leisure tourism clusters “Iturup” and “Onekotan”, fisheries and geothermal energy projects.

The Quattro stand next to the pavilion features the united Far East airline “Aurora” and the potential of the regional tourism industry. The airplane model flies over the stand.

The region welcomes East Economic forum guests and offers authentic drinks in a fashionable Healthy Bar serving fresh wild berries drinks, kombucha, lemonades and others. Artists and performers will entertain guest on stage.

Exibition Entertainment areas:

  • Heart photo stand at the entrance;

  • Gorny Vozdukh photo stand;

  • Greenfield coal cluster photo stand;

  • Busse Lagoon photo stand with Giant Pacific octopus (Dofleini);

  • Healthy bar;

  • pavilion stage performance;

  • quizzes and contests with giveaways.

As an environmentally friendly initiative, this year we have reduced paper promotional material and offer guests to download information using the QR code.

10 facts about The Sakhalin Region

Sakhalin Region has been rated second in the National Geographic Traveller Awards

in the Culinary Tourism category.

According to the Russia Travel National Tourism Portal, Tikhaya Bay on Sakhalin

is one of the top three legendary Russian beaches.

Gorny Vozdukh is one of the best Russian ski resorts. The mountain at the city centre

centre is a true Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk gem.

Sea lions always choose Nevelsk breakwater

as a rookery site.

There are only around 700 mud volcanos in the world

and four of them are located on Sakhalin.

Sakhalin Region is a land of waterfalls.

There are more than 230 known waterfalls.

The unique and endemic Kamchatka Bilberry (klopovka in the local dialect)

can only be found on the island.

The region is known for

the world’s largest naturally grown oysters.

Garik Sukachev had a tattoo made of

Aniva lighthouse, a key local landmark.

The Shikotan Island was the scene of

a famous Soviet movie Robinson Crusoe (1972).