The AURUS pavilion, 200 sq.m., presented at the Far East Street exhibition, will have a classic design in light tones to emphasize the brand identity. The construction will have a lot of glass transparent elements to provide a clear view of the vehicles for all the guests of the Far East Forum 2021. The pavilion interior has a comfortable design so that the guests can not only get acquainted with the vehicles but also relax, have a cup of fragrant coffee and feel the special exquisite atmosphere of the AURUS world.

Two cars are going to be presented in the pavilion: the AURUS Senat serial version produced at the AURUS factory in Tatarstan and the advanced NAMI-AURUS hydrogen-fueled vehicle.

Today AURUS is the only brand of its class that has a developed laboratory model of a hydrogen-fueled vehicle. The hydrogen-fueled AURUS has two energy sources – hydrogen and electricity, and its dynamical index is in no way inferior to that of internal combustion engine cars.

The AURUS Senat is the embodiment of dignity and power inherent of the Russian character. The vehicle is equipped with a V8 hybrid engine with two turbocompressors of 4.4 litres and 598 horsepower that ensures its high dynamic characteristics. The hardtop is equipped with a front-line four-wheel drive system, it has the biggest clearance in the 200 mm class, which allows it to demonstrate superior riding performance and maintainability in the harshest conditions. AURUS Senat is one of the largest de luxe cars: its overall dimensions are 5632 х 2020 х 1689 mm, which guarantees absolute comfort for the driver and the passengers.

Representatives of the brand are going to work in the pavilion, ready to give extensive information about the technological advantages of AURUS Senat, as well as about the possibilities of its individual adjustment to the customer. The guests of the Forum will be able to make purchase orders of AURUS Senat on site.

The pavilion opening hours:

  • 2-4 September 2021: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • 5-7 September 2021 the pavilion works in private format.


Adil Shirinov

This year, AURUS is honored to take part for the first time in the largest business event in the Far East, one of the strategically important regions of Russia, which is undoubtedly a significant event for our brand.

AURUS is a very special project in the Russian Federation. In the modern world, where competition in all sectors of the economy is increasing many times over every year, the project team in a very short time from scratch has developed not just a new car, but the first high-class car from Russia. And this fact, without exaggeration, can be considered as a new stage in the history of Russian automotive industry. AURUS proves by its example that our country has all the opportunities for creating advanced high-tech products, which are equal to foreign analogs in terms of their quality.

On May 31, 2021, mass production of cars was launched in the Republic of Tatarstan at the AURUS factory. One of the first serial AURUS Senat will be demonstrated at EEF 2021. In addition to this vehicle, guests of the Forum will be able to see the latest development, AURUS, powered by hydrogen fuel.

AURUS cars are the result of well-coordinated, laborious work of many specialists, which we are proud to present to a wide audience.

Sergey Gaisin

It was the Central scientific research automobile and automotive engine institute NAMI that was chosen by the Russian government to develop the automobile for the top state officials, and this is how the AURUS brand was born.

The NAMI institute is Russia’s leading scientific organization in the field of automobile construction. The institute was founded in 1918. Over these years the specialists of the institute have introduced more than 300 designs into series production: the first Russian automobile NAMI-1, the XTZ-NATI tractor, the first trolleybus and integral bus, electromobiles, hydrogen-based and combined power plants, unmanned vehicles and others. The contemporary NAMI is the leading experimental centre of engineering, construction and testing of automotive platforms. It is confirmed by the Integrated Modular Platform project (AURUS). For the first time in history NAMI has become not only the developer but also the producer of premium-class automobiles.

The staff of the institute is more than 3,000 unique specialists. Among them there are doctors and doctorate candidates of science who represent our country in international professional associations.

The staff of NAMI is solving ambitious tasks to realize innovative policies in the field of automobile construction, as well as design and introduction of automobile certification standards, construction of eco-friendly and safe automobiles, intelligent new-generation vehicles and creation of the image of the 21st century transport.