All of the Far East on one street!

August 14, 2018

The ‘Far East Street’ exhibition, a traditional part of the Eastern Economic Forum, will take place on 11–16 September in Vladivostok.

Russia’s Far East covers an area of more than 6 million square kilometres. The climate, natural surroundings, and culture vary enormously from region to region. It might seem that it’s impossible to get to know the Far East all at once, but there is a way! Forum participants and guests visiting Vladivostok will be able to see all nine regions of the Far East in one street, the ‘Far East Street’. 

The exhibition will stretch for more than a kilometre along the seafront of Ajax Bay, just a few steps from the main campus building of the Far Eastern Federal University. Each region of the Far Eastern Federal District will present its own large-scale exhibition, showcasing the features which make it unique, as well as its economic opportunities and achievements, tourism potential, and cultural traditions.

Modern interactive technology will allow visitors to immerse themselves completely in the world of each region. In previous years, visitors to the exhibition have been able to try their hand at being a Magadan gold miner or a Kamchatka dog sled driver, experience the latest sports simulators for skiers, peek into the traditional homes of the indigenous peoples of the North, hear whales sing, stroke an Amur tiger, help to assemble a modern airliner, sit in the cockpit of the latest helicopter, attend an international traditional mas-wrestling tournament, and see a historical stadium.

This year, visitors can look forward to an even more diverse exhibition. A walk along the embankment will create some unforgettable memories and, happily, work up an appetite. It’s certainly worth trying Far Eastern delicacies: Pacific salmon from Kamchatka, huge Sakhalin oysters and prawns, sea urchins, scallops, and scrumptious Yakutian cold cuts served straight from the freezer! As in previous years, the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition will host the Fish Market. Representatives of major Far Eastern fish companies will hold master classes on cooking crab and scallop, and prepare exquisite dishes from Far Eastern seafood.

There will be a particular focus on the preservation of the Far Eastern Federal District’s unique ecology. An eco-trail following the outline of the Far Eastern Federal District will introduce guests to the natural environment of each region. Inaccessible areas of natural beauty will be featured in a panoramic 3D cinema. For those who prefer real tours over virtual experiences, representatives from nature reserves and national parks in the Russian Far East will be on hand to select and book tourist trips.

The ‘Far East Street’ exhibition will be open to participants and guests of the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum from 11 to 13 September. On the three following days (September 14 - with special invitations), including 16 September, anyone who is interested in visiting the entire Far East without leaving Vladivostok may visit.

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