Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East

Alexander Kozlov

Dear friends!

The Far East is a unique region. It is famous all over the world for its natural splendor, which amazes with the splendor of the north and south. Tundra lakes and volcanoes abound, and the seascapes of the harsh Arctic meld with the warm Japanese Sea. Our home is a large, multi-ethnic region where peo- ple love the land and take care of it.

We support hundreds of cities and towns and thousands of modern enterprises, the largest railway lines start here, rockets are launched into space, and the world's best aircraft and helicopters are built. The Far East is the first in the country to meet the day, it's where Russia begins!

Today, our region is full of new opportunities and large-scale projects. The Far East Street festival introduces the world to everything our region has to offer. I'm sure everyone will find something that grabs their attention here to open their own Far East.

Welcome to the land of the Far East!



In the special Far Eastern Hectare zone, check out the land plots available and get acquainted with the typical business plans for their development

At the Do Business in the Far East exposition, guests learn in detail about business opportunities in the region and measures of state support

In one of the many presentation zones, a map of 197 social construction sites in the centers of economic growth in the Far East is presented

During the forum, investment project presentations will be held in the pavilion (simultaneous interpretation is provided).

The central presentation zone details the 1,300 new enterprises and projects in the Far East

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