Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation

Pavel Kolobkov

On behalf of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf, I am pleased to welcome participants, organisers and visitors to the 4th Eastern Economic Forum and the Far East Street Exhibition!

The Russian Far East is fast becoming the forward outpost of the domestic economy and domestic industry, as well as a paragon of effective international cooperation with countries of the Asia Pacific Region. Today, multiple investment projects aimed at improving the standard of living in the Far East are being successfully tested. In addition, great attention is being paid to the development of sport infrastructure, the organisation of top-level international competitions and the implementation of programmes for lovers of active recreation.

Traditionally, the Forum has helped us peer into the future of the Russian Far East, attract new partners for investment projects and forge ties for interregional and international cooperation.

I am certain that interesting ideas and sport-related projects will be presented at this Eastern Economic Forum, which will help more people around the world adopt an active lifestyle.

I hope that all of you have fruitful conversations, make new contacts and successfully attain your goals!



All-Russian Sport and Fitness Programme Ready for Labour and Defence (GTO)
Ready for Labour and Defence is a physical education programme intended to promote healthy lifestyles and sport. In the pavilion, all comers will be able to test their physical skills and capacities.
Visitors will be able to attend GTO information sessions and exercise demonstrations and be tested according to GTO standards, with the option of entering the results into an electronic database.

Go Pavilion
Go is a game of skill with roots in the ancient world. Today, go plays a crucial role in AI research; artificial neural networks are trained to play the game. Go is also a vital tool in cross-cultural and business communications and reliably facilitates the development of mutually beneficial business strategies.
Come play go!

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