Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Denis Manturov

Dear friends!

I welcome the participants and guests of the fourth Eastern Economic Forum and exhibition.

For several years, the Forum has been not only a driver of economic activity in the Russian Far East, helping to uncover the full potential of our vast country, but it has also been instrumental in determining area of development of a number of industries in the entire Asia-Pacific Region. Various industries will be presenting their novelties and traditional products here. The forum promotes the creation of innovative solutions and products and aids the successful development of business and the region as a whole.

The business relations of representatives of the investment community, Russian business, federal, regional and local authorities, which are established and strengthened at the Forum, are a valuable resource. The events at the Forum provide an opportunity, in short time frames, to discuss the prospects of the most relevant projects.

Taking into account the special importance of the industrial development of the Far Eastern Federal District for the state economy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia takes an active part from year to year, both in the creation and development of industrial clusters and in the implementation of the industrial development strategy of the region as a whole. These measures contribute to the creation of modern industrial enterprises in the advanced zones of special economic development, attraction of direct investments and increase of export deliveries of products of the region’s industrial clusters to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

I wish all the participants of the Forum successful and fruitful work!



The main exhibit of the exposition is the flight model of the Russian aircraft industry products – the newest civilian multipurpose helicopter Ka-62.

Ka-62 can perform flights in an extremely broad range of climatic and geographical conditions.

Ka-62 is capable of flying in difficult weather conditions and in freezing conditions.

The operating temperature range of external air is from –50°C to +45°C.

Ka-62 is capable of autonomous basing and hangarless storage.

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