Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Dmitriy Kobylkin

Dear friends!

Far East is a region of tremendous natural resources. Sustainable development of modern Russia directly depends on ensuring the environmental safety of the population, preservation and restoration of the environment, and environmental friendliness. The international festival “Street of the Far East” allows you to come to know the amazing biological diversity of nature reserves and national parks, each of which is a pearl of the reserve system. At least a dozen federal specially protected natural areas that offer active and cognitive recreation are located in the Far East. In the Land of the Leopard National Park, there are ecological paths, where you can learn about rare cats: tiger and leopard. In Beringia National Park, there are Russian Arctic and the easternmost point of Eurasia and Russia – Cape Dezhnev. In Bikin National Park, which was created in 2015, there are the last in the Northern Hemisphere undisturbed cedarbroad-leaved large forests.

Our goal is to strike a balance between increasing the popularity of these territories for Russian citizens, and preserving the conservation districts.

I invite all the participants of the 2018 Eastern Economic Forum to attend the special site of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia “Far East. Wildlife District”, dedicated to the Far Eastern region environment.



EcoPark. Visitors are invited to walk along the EcoPath – a route based on the borders of the Far Eastern Federal District – and learn more about the unique nature of each region.

VR movie theater. A pavilion offering 360-degree movie screenings with VR glasses for full immersion.

The Amur Tiger Center exposition presents projects dedicated to the protection of Amur tigers and the fight against poaching.

The Nature Reserves of the Far East platform is decorated with amazing light scenarios– it’s sure to be the brightest attraction on the embankment!

As part of the Learn to Separate project, the platform will host organized basketball games.

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