Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Medinsky


The development of the Far Eastern Federal District that includes nine federal subjects of the Russian Federation and more than forty nationalities is one of the fundamental and most important national projects today. The success of the two previous forums has contributed to the implementation of a number of initiatives, each of which has brought significant benefits not only to the region, but to the whole country.

Of course, I would like to emphasize the importance of the forum’s creative program, which allows us to fully show the cultural diversity of Russia. This year, the EEF bill will be even more rich and interesting. Guests will enjoy performances of classical music, Russian ballet as well as contemporary artists. I am convinced that becoming acquainted with Russian art will certainly increase the interest of the foreign business community regarding the history, traditions, and achievements of our state.

Moreover, I sincerely hope that the forum will reveal the tourist potential of the Russian Far East, famous for its unique nature and sights.

I wish everyone productive work and pleasant communication!

Ministry of Culture
Did you know?

On Jan, 1, 2016, Primorsky Stage of Mariinsky Theatre was opened in Vladivostok; its total capacity is 1702 people. Every seat has an individual AC system.

The Russian Far East is the top requested tourist destination. According to the results of 2016, total tourist flow to the Far Eastern Federal District rose by 35% and comprised about 3.6 mln people. Over 3 mln people (568 thousand of them were foreigners) visited Primorsky Krai; that is 50% more when compared with other figures of 2015. |Similar trends are in other regions: Sakhalin Oblast had 60% more tourists; in Amut Oblast this figure rose by 16%, in Khabarovsky Krai – by 13%.

The Far East actively participates in a project that was launched by the Ministry of Culture in Russia and is called the ‘Russian Virtual Concert Hall’. Since 2014, 22 special halls have been created in 18 cities and towns of the region; thus providing an opportunity for locals to attend philharmonic performances factually.



The Open Air Movie Theater project will present ten of the best Russian films produced in collaboration with other countries. These include: “Time of Pioneers” (Russia, 2017), “The End of a Beautiful Era” (Russia, 2015), “Green Carriage” (Russia, 2015), “Crew” (Russia, 2016), “Paradise” (Russia - Germany, 2016), “Zoology” (Russia – Germany – France, 2016), “Battle for Sevastopol” (Russia – Ukraine, 2015), “Battalion” (Russia, 2014), “Pure Art” (Russia, 2016), “One” (Russia, 2015).

This year, final stage of the fourth World Festival of Open Air Cinema was part of the project. The festival kicked off in Vladivostok on June 2 and took place in 60 countries and 100 cities. It will conclude back here, in Vladivostok, alongside the Eastern Economic Forum.

Visitors of the Open Air Movie Theater will be able to watch the best movies of the festival. Russian movie stars will greet them in the specially prepared video statements. Closing of the festival will be a lively and interesting event of the Far Eastern Street.

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