Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation – Нead of the Federal Agency for Fisheries

I.V. Shestakov

Dear participants and guests of the Eastern Economic Forum!

The Far East is the region of our country, which is the most rich in fish resources: it produces almost 70% of the total Russian catch. The potential for the development of the Far Eastern seas is still very high. We can see significant opportunities in the development of mariculture. Only during the days of the Forum we plan to distribute on the electronic auction about 15 fish farms in Primorsky Krai.

Considering the growing volumes of the fish catch, there is a need in fleet renewal as well as creating of the modern processing and port infrastructure. Optimal conditions have been created for the implementation of large-scale investment projects in these directions – the advanced special economic zones and the regime of free port of Vladivostok.

The growing global demand for fish products strengthens the investment attractiveness of the industry. This year it is planned to implement the projects at 56 billion rubles only following the results of the first stage of the allocation of the investment quotas. There were signed contracts for the construction of 9 fishing vessels and 10 plants in the Far East. Selection of the applications for the construction of the fleet still continues.

Other promising projects include the development of cod fish processing and the development of the deep-sea resources of the Far Eastern seas.

We kindly invite you to attend the pavilion of the Federal Agency for Fisheries to be able to evaluate not only the investment opportunities of the leading Far East fishery enterprises and the fishing industry as a whole, but also the taste, the quality of Russian seafood and fish – the result of the entire production chain.



Based on the fishery industry development strategy, more than RUB 600 billion will be invested by 2030. Exposition stand visitors will learn about the measures of state support for the modernization of the fleet and processing facilities as well as select investment projects.

The 1,500 m area will encompass a business area, a food court, and fish market where presentation platforms from the leading fishing companies integrate elements of both haute cuisine and affordable street food.

The RUSSIAN SEAFOOD & FISH MARKET platform invites guests to interactive cooking classes with fish and seafood, cooking shows, and sampling sessions.

Leading companies of the fisheries industry will offer guests fish and seafood delicacies caught in the seas of the Far East.

The open kitchen restaurant will offer an exclusive “fish menu” from top chefs.

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